Latest Reviews : Poonam Pandey's Hindi Nasha Movie Review

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Latest Reviews : Poonam Pandey's Hindi Nasha Movie Review


Nasha is story of the eighteen year recent Sahil (Shivam) United Nations agency studies in Panchgani and falls taken with along with his twenty five year recent instructor Ankita vie by none aside from Poonam Pandey. The young boy falls head over heels taken with along with her|along with her} and eventually lands up in an exceedingly physical relationship with her.

However, his dreams come back bloody down once Ankita’s old adult male prophet involves meet her and Sahil lands up intensely envying prophet and his closeness with Ankita. Pretty before long, Ankita involves realize the important intentions of prophet that forces her to interrupt up their 5 year long affair.

Now can Sahil be able to tell Ankita his intense feelings for her or can the age distinction between them stand as associate degree obstacle? The answers to those queries type the remainder of Nasha.

Positive Points:

Director Amit Saxena, supported the success of his Bipasha and John starrer Jism, terribly smartly chooses the solid of Nasha.

Popular model Poonam Pandey United Nations agency has with success created her own male fan base together with her sensational statements, husking controversies and daring photos on Twitter will certainly guarantee an honest gap for the film because of her quality.

Speaking of performances, Poonam is kind of assured ahead of the camera even whereas playacting intimate scenes. Infact, the she doesn’t have the inherent awkwardness of deb in any respect. The young Shivam conjointly supports the role player within the intimate sequences expeditiously whereas actors United Nations agency play Shivam’s friends have done their components well.

Apart from all the daring scenes within the film, the director conjointly narrates a fervent romance between associate degree 18-year-old boy associate degreed a 25-year-old lady and also the story accurately captures the attitude of an 18-year recent.

Negative Points:

As one will guess from the film promos, the picture show is certainly not a family film because the content is simply too daring for traditional crowds. The director tries to inform a romance however all that the audiences will see is pure intimacy. Amit has tried a thought that's not therefore common in film industry however he fails miserably.

The picture show portrays the youth of nowadays United Nations agency ar a lot of inclined towards physical intimacy instead of true love.

Even though Poonam seems assured ahead of the camera, her acting isn't upto the mark. All she is nice at is showing off her body and showing terribly attractive. The guy taking part in Poonam’s old adult male isn't convincing and it's like he was forced to talk out his lines. even if Shivam appearance innocent, the innocence is lost somewhere within the picture show.

Technical Aspects:

The direction by Amit is upto the mark and he provides it his best with the execution and storytelling. However, the performances lack substance.

The songs of the film enter distinction to the film’s theme. The tracks composed by Sangeet and Siddharth ar romantic and soothing particularly the romantic variety ‘Tera Nasha’ that comes as a surprise and fits well within the playscript.

The photography is simply regarding OK whereas the playscript and storytelling might are a little higher. the primary 0.5 is all regarding daring songs and sequences and also the last half tells a story that might have simply been alittle shorter.


Overall, Nasha is for those that love inferior skin show. If you're a hard-core Poonam Pandey fan and strictly follow her on Twitter, then Nasha may be your visual treat.

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